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About John Osterhaus

Whether by circumstance or by design it seems that every step taken by John Osterhaus in his career path toward becoming a Realtor just added more of the skill sets and knowledge needed to develop into an exceptional one.Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Math Education from Baylor University and a Master of Education from the University of Houston and imbued with a passion for service John began as an educator eager to share his knowledge.His increasing interest in providing service led him to a position as a Quality Assurance Manager where his focus was customer satisfaction and improving the quality of service given to customers. He did this by listening to customers’ needs seeking feedback and applying what he learned to organizational improvement methods.Still inspired by his grandfathers both of whom were successful investors and businessmen and always attracted to real estate markets and investment John decided to translate his love of service to a more entrepreneurial career in residential real estate sales.This background with its attention to detail and focus on excellent customer service ensures that John takes the time to educate buyers and sellers on every step of the home buying and selling process. He takes pride in what he does and works tirelessly to make his clients happy. Patient flexible and hard-working he is able to work well with different client personalities and is very sensitive to their needs.These same talents and motivations have led him to serve as a fundraising mentor coaching others on strategies for raising money and resources for their chosen causes. He says this helps him keep his own sales strategies fresh and that being a youth crew leader gives him the opportunity to stay connected to a younger generation.